Quality Worcester Bosh Gas or Oil Boiler Repairs & Installations.

Absolute Plumbing & Heating Services are renowned for top quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what the customer deserves in terms of providing excellent value for money and high performance Worcester Bosh home heating products.

Worcester Bosh boilers are highly efficient boilers, both gas fired and oil burning heating have very high efficiencies, mainly rated as A rated boilers.


When a boiler breaks-down you loose both heating & hot water. Back up of the hot water can sometimes be controlled by the hot-water cylinder via the heat element. If you don’t have the heat element in your cylinder or you don’t have a cylinder, then you will need to fix the boiler.

Exeter Based Absolute Plumbing & Heating provide, service & install:

Worcester Bosh Oil Boilers:

  • Greenstar Danesmoor
  • Greeenstar Heatslave II.
  • Greenstar Heatslave II External.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor System.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor System Utility.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Exteral System.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Regular.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Utility.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor External.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Utility Regular.

Worcester Bosh Gas Boilers:

  • Greenstar i.
  • Greenstar Si Compact.
  • Greenstar CDi Compact.
  • Greenstar CDi Classic.
  • Greenstar CDi Highflow.
  • Greenstar i System.
  • Greenstar CDi Classic System.
  • GB162.
  • Greenstar Ri.
  • Greenstar CDi Classic Regular.
  • Greenstar CDi FS Regular.

Greenstar Unvented Cylinders

  • Greenstore SC-90
  • Greenstore SC-120.
  • Greenstore SC-150.
  • Greenstore SC-180.
  • Greenstore SC-210.
  • Greenstore SC-250.
  • Greenstore SC-300.


Worcester Bosh Boiler Engineers Exeter.

Expert Advise For Pre-Installation

Absolute Plumbing & Heating will measure your water pressures, & make sure you we can offer you the correct type of gas or oil central heating boiler for your home. We can also advise you of any radiators that may require Power flushing or changing prior to having your all new Worcester Bosh boiler fitted. Central heating Worcester Bosh boiler (Oil fired boilers) can be installed outside the home, where you have the room and also access for pipework.

Worcester Bosh Boiler Repairs Exeter

Oil & Gas Trained Professionals

Working with gas & oil can be very dangerous, that is why we have had specialist training & instruction for working with theses types of fuels. If you in doubt about whether your appliance is safe for continued use, shut of the power to the appliance and then shut off the fuel and open windows and doors if you can smell gas.

Worcester Danesmoor boiler repairs exeter.

Request a visit from our engineers.

Call us today to find out about having a Worcester product installed in your home.

Worcester Bosh Engineer Required?

We respect your home, taking our shoes off makes for a good impression too. A clean dress code always goes down well with our customers as we like to look smart.
David Heating Engineer

David Heating Engineer

Qualified Worcester Bosh Professional


Things to check before you call for our help.

  • Oil boiler: Do you have enough oil in the oil tank?
  • Gas: Is the lever pointing up on the gas meter?
  • Do you have a lockout light on the boiler? Press the reset button if you can see this.
  • Has the mains water been turned off?
  • Do you have power light on the boiler?

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