Power Flushing Exeter

Central heating blocked? We powerflush sludged pipework to restore the heating to radiators.

Power Flushing in Exeter

Do your radiators seem to be malfunctioning? Have your heating bills increased due to bad water circulation?
Absolute Plumbing & Heating can solve these issues with our power flushing service.

Why do New Boilers Require a Power Flush?
Boiler manufacturers state that with every new installation, the existing radiators and copper pipework must be power flushed with chemicals – warranties are invalid if the pipes & radiators aren’t fully cleaned.

How long will a Power Flush Take?
Depending on the size of the house and the condition of the radiators & thermostatic valves, this can take up to 8hrs for a complete and thorough job.

What if my Radiators are Rusty?
Radiator surfaces should be clean & rust free – water stains from thermostats indicate that the thermostatic fitting may need replacing.

We would be happy to provide a replacement radiator should one be required.

What is Power Flushing Maintenance likely to Uncover?
Water leaks from the radiator bleed valves can be resolved with replacement valves.

The centre or the bottom of a radiator may cold, while the top is warm.

Corrosion manifests itself from the inside of the radiator: this happens when the water & air mixtures have caused pits & holes – leaks will be evident.

Boiler maintenance is also important. When the flushing is in progress, central heating circulating pumps can become blocked due to sludge build-up – the pump will be cleaned & maintained with chemical cleaners.

Sludge can clog up the boiler and as a result, you might start to hear noises. This could be the cause of bad circulation or overheating.

Benefits of Power Flushing
If your radiators are underperforming, then so is the central heating system in general.

The power flush is an all-in-one treatment process for cleaning the radiators & the central heating pipework, thermostats & hot water cylinder coil. The machine we use has a pump action that forces a strong jet of water around each separate radiator.

Agitated water is controlled via the machine to stir up the sludge & debris. To unsettle any stubborn sludge, a rubber mallet can be used to tap the outside of the radiator. Waste water, combined with sludge, will then be pumped into the specialised machines for disposal.

With less water resistance for the central heating pump to push against, this will save the electric pump from working harder. Boiler noises will be dramatically reduced, and radiator heat up times will be a lot quicker. In fact, the whole heating system will run a lot more efficiently.

After the power flushing service has been completed, you can expect to enjoy annual savings of up to 20% on your home heating

If you have any questions regarding our power flushing service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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