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    • Absolute Plumbing Central Heating Repairs in Exeter, Devon & Somerset. The first stop for gas & oil heating boiler repairs, boiler servicing & gas central heating.
    • Cold radiators can be repaired by our heating experts. Not hot water from combi boiler?
    • Not a problem, our boiler repairs use genuine manufacturers parts to repair central heating and hot water issues.
    • Absolute Plumbing & Heating Central Heating Repairs Exeter specilise in home heating systems.
    • Any faults with radiators can easily be remidied, esp if radiator thermosts have come off the radiator or if a radiator has started to leak water onto the floor.

Our excellent reviews say it all. You can be assured that our work is of the highest quality & standard .

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Gas Engineers In Exeter

Absolute Plumbing & Heating Central Heating Repairs Exeter diagnose & fix:

Water leaks coming from the boiler. Noisy boiler gurgling noises coming from the inside of the boiler.

Pressure guage fluctuations. Error codes displayed on the boilers display. Filling loops to fill gas boilers. Noisy central heating pumps.

Looking for a plumber to repair central heating? Local company to service the central heating. Exeter, Devon heating engineers work on heating services that run off combi boilers.



Air locks in pipework or radiators. Balancing radiators for effcient heating in every room.

Please find a list below of gas boilers we repair:


  • Worcester Bosh
  • Ideal
  • Valiiant
  • Intergas
  • Glow-worm
  • Vokera
  • Baxi
  • Ariston

Mobile: 07766501664

Problem with central heating.

  • Boiler won’t light
  • Water seems cold
  • Boiler unresponsive
  • Pilot light keeps going out
  • Thermostat not working
  • Leaking boiler
  • Low water pressure reading

Some common faults may be low water pressure, faulty motorised valves, dead programmer not connecting to boiler. Boiler not responding to thermostat, Boiler display, boiler not  powering up boiler.

Leaks from boiler can indicate a seal may have broken or the pipework in the boiler has a leak.

Water spraying out inside the boiler could be a plastic manofold from a worcester bosh boiler.

Drips from outside could be the pressure releif valve is discharging, so the valve is faulty leading to loss of boiler system pressure.

Pump noises can be heard and water gushing noises. Water leaks from the boiler from corrosion. Put to much water in the boiler and then it keeps loosing pressure.

Pressure how to know what the pressure should be, normally the manufactures instructions say 1 bar of water pressure for combi boilers. Kepp aving to bleed radiators, so the boiler has to be topped up everyday or everytime it looses pressure.

Can’t turn heating down, maybe thermostat set to high or fault or comunication with programmer. Hive programmer keeps loosing signal to boiler.

Black water when i bleed radiator, this is sludge or corrsion in the radiators & boiler & pipework.


Combi Boiler Repair

Expert boiler repairs, all makes & models repaired.

Central Heating Installation

Absolute provide energy efficient boilers. New combi boiler or system cenral heating boilers.

Broken Boiler

We fix boilers when convienent with you, buut mainly we fix boilers on the same day or time convient with you.

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