Please read our Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions
How our contract with you works.
1.1 please note the terms on which we carry out work for you.

Please make sure you read our terms and conditions before you ask us to carry out any work for you & before work commences.

1.2 Guarantees
The company shall not be liable for labour in respect of a faulty workmanship for completion with the manufacturers warranty in force. The guarantee will become void of the work completed by the company Absolute Plumbing & Heating  subject to miss use or negligence repaired, more tampered with by anyone other than the company engineer.
Our company will accept no liability, or be subject to guarantee, materials supplied by the customer, and will accept no liability for any consequential damage or fault.

Our terms and conditions are awarded between the company and the customer shall be given by and construct in accordance with the English law and shall be subject to the exclusion exclusive jurisdiction of English law.

1.3 Terms and condition of website use:
Please read carefully our terms and conditions before you start using our website. The use of our website, you indicate are you accept our terms and conditions of use and agree to by them. If you do not agree with the terms of our use, please refrain from using our site.

1.4 Agreement:
An agreement by agreeing to terms and conditions you’re agreeing for Absolute Plumbing and Heating to carry out work whether this be verbal, written, email, text, or phone.Agreement
Why agreement by agreeing to a terms & conditions you’re agreeing & being in agreement.

1.5 Payment:
Payment will be taken either by bacs, credit card, payment via terminal card reader. Card Readers will show a debit on your account/statement for payment taken, this isn’t a warrnty, it purely shows that an amount has been debited from your given account.  We do not accept cheques. Payment will be due immediately after the plumbing or heating works have commenced with you. We do not give any terms days, weeks, month’s to clear payment.

Payment for services will be due at the end of the completed job/work. By paying at the end of the works, you a re agreeing that you are satisfied with our service, whether this be plumbing, central heating or callout.

1.6 Contract:
By contacting us Absolute Plumbing Heating: by phone,email,text,or via our website, you are legally bound to Absolute Plumbing for carrying out the works. You have entered into a contract whether, verbally, by email, phone call text message.

About Absolute Plumbing and Heating:
Absolute Plumbing and Heating operates just outside the Exeter area in Stoke Canon.
Our address is: Absolute Plumbing and Heating 10 Sanson Close Stoke Canon Exeter EX5 4AQ.

1.7 Warranty/Guarantee:
We do not offer any warranty on any parts fitted or any new appliances fitted.

If we find any of the parts we have fitted have been modified tampered with or adjusted, these fittings will not come with any warranty.

Absolute Plumbing and Heating reserves the right to not repair any fittings that have been seen to be tampered with, adjusted,or modified in any way, or any additions made. Parts are no longer trusted or endorsed by us for being made correctly and this includes any parts us with heating boilers. We accept no liability what-so-ever reagrding failure of manufactured parts that cause faults. Any faulty parts that arise, we will not be held responsible for. People trying to fix their problems via youtube tutorials or on forums, doing a diy fix. Were not being held accountable for others advising via these platforms.

Following prior work carried out by our ourselves Absolute Plumbing and Heating.

1.8 Directories and trade directories:
We will not except any joining of any directories or any trade directories without our prior consent. Legal Action may be taken against such directories or trade directories not asking for our prior consentconsent joining at the first instance of such directories or trade websites Without our consent.

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1.9 If after 7-10 days after we fix your problem central heating system or plumbing and you have a further fault with the same part we repared or fixed, we will repair this for you. If after the 10 day period, this will seen to be out of our warranty. A further charge would have to be paid. We don’t warranty parts. If your parts fail, we dont warrnty these, these are manufacturing faults, so we can’t and won’t be held liable for this.



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