Boiler not firing up for central heating.

Basic things to check first!

If you find your boiler not working properly this could be down to a bit of investigation work.

  • Check for power at the mains, if there is a power light normally on the front of the boiler check this to see if it’s showing a red on light or other.
  • Is the fuse at the fused spur OK?
  • Has the mains electric tripped out?
  • If you have power at the boiler does the boiler make an sounds.
  • Does your boiler have a water pressure gauge to indicate what pressure is within the boilers central heating pipework? If the water pressure to the boiler is low, this will stop the boiler from firing up. Topping up the boiler can be achieved by looking through the boiler instruction manual for instructions.
  • Can you see a flame through a glass viewing window within the boilers outer casing?
  • Check to make sure the gas lever by the gas meter hasn’t been knocked down to the off position. If you have a gas hob, you can turn on the gas hob flame and test if your unsure if you don’t know what your looking for regarding the turning on/off of the gas meter.
  • Check to visually see if the flue outside hasn’t become blocked with plant material or cob webs, leaves from trees or bushes.
  • Have you checked to make sure the boilers central heating thermostat is calling for heat, sometimes with lcd displays you can view a flame symbol.
  • Has the boiler developed a water leak?
  • Has the boiler been turned off by accident
  • Have you had any new electrical work down on the house wiring? Is this correct?
  • Are all the radiators bleed using a bleed central heating key?