Boiler Installation Exeter

Boiler Installation Exeter

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Absolute Plumbing & Heating is a very well known trusted Plumbing & Heating company that install.If your looking for a replacement boiler. Installation times can vary from one – two day, depending on pipework, gas and flueing.

If you require a new boiler in Exeter area, we can install the latest combi boiler with qualified gas heating installers.

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Boiler Installation Exeter

Boiler Servicing

Servicing all makes and models of gas or oil fired boiler. Pressure loss, leaks from boilers, re-pressuring boilers, low pressure topping up, boiler faults, leaks, worcester bosh faults, gloworm boiler fault, Vailliant fault. No heating, no hot water, radiator faults, flame loss, piliot flames,  boiler not responding to thermostat.


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