Erp Energy Related Products Directive

September 26th 2015 Brings the new Erp directive from the EU. Labelling all space heaters & water heaters, this will be mandatory across the (EU) European Union.


The labelling scale will be similar as what is currently shown on electrical goods.


As installers we will be responsible to provide the customer with energy efficiency & labels for the products being installed after this date. Gas boilers, central heating controls et cetera.


Gas boilers with improved efficiency may include


    1. Weather Compensation Options


    1. Increased boiler efficiency can be gained with a simple weather compensation device fitted externally to the home.


    1. Low modulating circulation pump allows the new ErP Gas Boiler to save more money from less electricity.


More info can be learned here

ErP Gas Boilers

The Challenge


Rating gas appliances or Erp


ErP (Energy related Products) Directive has been put in to place & brought into line with (EU) European Union. This is to achieve it’s 20-20-20  target for lowering emissions to 20% by 2020.


Heating & boiler systems are to be labelled the same way as electrical products, things such as Tv’s  & kitchen white goods.

The Solution


Making boilers that use less energy.


New boiler will be signed off with a new energy efficiency label. New labelling system will be similar to washing machines or dishwashers. Also on the label will be the noise/sound level Appliance space heating output.


Existing boilers will be classed between the A-G classification whilst new product classification such as renewable will have an A+, A++ & A+++ classification.


    1. Pumps that use less power modulating pumps.


    1. Better sound proofing


ErP (Energy related Products) will make it easier for the installers & also the consumer who wants to purchase a new boiler. Efficiency & reducing carbon emissions plus using less costs on wasted energy.


September 26th sees the new directive launch for heating & hot water products. Output are governed to less than 400KW.


Worcester Bosh explain ErP

The Complete Heating Service

We Provide Everything In Installing Your New Erp Boiler

Worcester Bosh Greenstar i


Central Heating System Performance


Energy Efficiencies Up To

Day Installation & Fitting Turn Around


Amazing Boiler Performance

Save By Boosting To A New ErP Boiler Up To 30% Saving Compaired To Non Condensing Boilers.


Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A


Straight forward & user friendly. Simple controls, lets you easily dial in the temperatures required to control the central heating & hot water. Easy to see (LCD) liquid crystal display display that puts you right in the picture displaying either the central heating mode or hot water, all easy to control the heat output via the controls.



Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Meet the high standards of the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A


7 years warranty can be awarded to this ErP gas boiler if installed before the 31st December 2015

Confidence & Reliability

Energy saving trust endorsement, meeting the high standards of boiler efficiency.
  • Advance Up To The 10 Year Warranty 80% 80%
  • Save Up To £300 Per Year On Your Heating 30% 30%
  • Super Quiet Operation 75% 75%
  • Reliability & Performance Built In 60% 60%
  • Baxi Duo-tec HE A:Emissions of nitrogen oxides. Nox Class, 5 Being The Lowest. 5% 5%


Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A: Nox Class, 5 Being The lowest

The Results Were Amazing

Combine the with an Baxi Gas Boiler & the energy saving gain will soon pay for itself.

Saving You Money & Offering Better Boiler Efficiency

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