Devon Oil Tank Installers

Absolute Plumbing & Heating specialises in oil tank maintenance & oil tank installation in Devon. Our services include:

  • Emergency tank checks, replacements & repairs
  • Oil tank splits, emergency removal of kerosene from oil tank
  • Oil storage tank maintenance, gauge repairs, replacement filters, oil lines, etc.
  • Kerosene oil tank installation
  • Temporary standby oil tanks
  • New oil line for oil tanks
  • Oil line safety valves
  • Replacement coloured or discoloured sight gauges
  • Fire valves safety devices
  • Concrete oil tank base construction
  • Electronic gauge monitoring equipment

Oil Tank Pump Out (domestic only)
A site survey report will highlight any replacement oil tank requirements, before our fully qualified technicians embark on any project.

Terms & Conditions
We will pump out the contents of a leaking oil tank, providing metal drums for kerosene oil only – N.B. unfortunately, we are unable to remove any oil from the site.

Absolute Plumbing reserves the right to decline our services if contaminated oil is present.

Any damage to the metal oil drums while on site will be the sole responsibility of the owner of the property. The client will be accountable for any accidental damage or content spillage into the local area.

Oil drums will be on short term loan for a one-week period. The 7-day period will commence immediately after delivery – N.B. any that exceed the agreed terms will be charged at an additional rate of £10 per oil drum per week.

Waste rubble removal will be charged at £5 per sack (chargeable as trade waste).

We don’t deal with the removal of oil contaminated soil.

We don’t share workloads with other companies and we won’t install oil tanks to DIY bases – Absolute Plumbing will install custom built oil tank bases.

A fire rating is only applicable in areas that contain combustible materials, such as wood fences or neighbouring properties within a certain distance of the oil tank.

Oil Line Pressure Testing
If you are concerned about the integrity of oil lines & whether the oil line buried underground is structurally sound, Absolute Plumbing is a team of Devon based oil tank installers who can perform tests to measure the pressure inside an existing oil supply line. If a joint is buried underground, we would recommend testing the oil line to make sure it isn’t leaking.

Oil Tank Supports
Supported tanks need concrete for a reliably stable base – we would strongly advise against wooden railway sleepers as an alternative.
It is paramount to have a perfectly constructed oil tank base because:

  • Wood is flammable & will catch fire if the fire originates from the house.
  • There are too many variables that will affect the reliability of wood – the sun can dry it out, rain will make it damp and cold weather will fracture the grain.
  • Wood will sag & so will the oil tank – this will a cause stress crack to appear along the oil tank’s structure, leading to a reduced lifespan.
  • Problems can be caused by metal supports, where the tank overhangs or the tank sags through the gaps.
  • Uneven bases can cause stress to the structure of the tank, thus leading to distortion.

Bunded Double Skinned Oil Tanks

  • Two oil tanks in one is better than a single skin alternative.
  • With an operable lid for filling, new double skinned oil tanks provide added security. Lockable lids keep the kerosene safe from oil tank theft.
  • Bunded plastic tanks can last up to 20yrs from the date of installation.

Oil Tank Decommissioning

  • We have the facilities to decommission your old kerosene oil storage tank safely.
  • We can remove your oil tank from site.
  • We will drain any oil that is surplus to requirements.
  • Oil filters & safety valves will be removed from walls.
  • Old boilers will be removed from your home.
  • We will remove oil tank concrete bases.
  • For further information regarding our oil tank service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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