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Central Heating Zone Valve Repairs & Installation

What Faults Are You Experiencing With Your Central Heating System Experiencing?

Do You Have Faults With Your Heating System?

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Our heating engineers can replace or maintain or install radiators within a 30 mile radius of  Exeter Devon.

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Central Heating Repairs

Day – day use of thermostats clicking on & off can cause wear, buttons pressed on the boiler can activate the coming on of the boiler or turning off, Central Heating valves opening and closing will fail sometime in their working operating life.

Hot water elements within the hot water cylinder are designed to come on via a boiler signal or via a mains on & off switch.

Room programmers provide instructions for use for hot water times to function & to give instruction for the boiler to fire up and provide central heating water to the radiators.

Our Exeter central heating  repairs provide you with a one year guarantee.


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