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With many years’ experience, Absolute Plumbing specialises in gas boiler and combi boiler servicing and repairs in and around Exeter.

Things you can check yourself:

Do you have no hot water or warm water from gas combi boiler?

If your gas boiler has no hot water then possibilities could be that warm water or cold water is comming out of the taps, but nothing very hot.

Do if you have a thermostic shower. If the thermostatic shower is run and teppid water is coming out of it, try running a basin hot tap. If hot water is not comming out of the basin hot tap, then if may be a problem with the combi boiler. The boiler appears to show hot water light on with lights on the display. If the shower hot water is teppid, but the basin hot water is hot, then it’s a fault with your shower.

Boilers hot water failure

Blocked hot water flow restrictors within the boiler may also restrict the hot water flow rates over time. Boiler sensors can also fail after continued usage. Plate heat exchangers can become blocked or damaged over time. Diverter valves head and motors also fail over time too.

If the hot water is the same temperature at all hot water tap outlets, but still not very hot, then our qualified central heating engineers may need to correctly check and adjust and setup to make sure the boiler is set to boiler manufactures data.

Common boiler issues that you can check youself.

Faults with gas boilers that may lead to the loss of heating or hot water. Some of these issues can done yourself. This can save you time and expense as waiting for a boiler breakdown engineer to call or visit you.

Have you accidently turned off the power to your boiler? Check this.

Have you had a power failure in the home? Electric company turned off power to your house?

Have you adjusted the room thermostat to a lower setting where the boiler wont turn on ? Check this. Make sure it clicks and is above room temerature. I. E Calling for heat.

Are radiator thermostats all turned to there desired setting? Check and note readings.

Has the gas supply accidentaly been turned off? Check to make sure gas meter lever is in the upright possitionand inline with pipework. Pre payment meters may require credit for opertation. Check things like this before a call is made to us.


Check you combi boiler pressure.

How to check your combi boiler has power first, as the boiler may have a digital display where it shows in led or red digits what pressure is within the combi boiler.

Where to find the boiler pressure guage.

Sometimes the pressure guage may be underneather the combi boiler. You  may need to visually look under the bottom of the gas boiler, looking left – right. If the pressure guage isn’t underneather the boiler, it may well be staring you right in the face on the front at the bottom of the front of the boiler.

How to read the pressure guage on a combi boiler.

Looking at the boiler pressure guage, you have a black dial, this dial tells you what the boilers pressure is at the moment.

If you don’t have a boiler manual.

There are many diffent makes of boiler on the market. Instruction manuals will normally give you the information required to pressurise the gas boiler. If the manual isn’t available, you may need to look up the make and model of the gas boiler and download this from the boiler manufactures website.

The boilers pressure guage appears to be showing around 1bar of cold water pressure.

Gas boiler not working?

Customers often say that the boiler is making a noise and question whether they should turn it off. Turning the boiler off is the best plan of action, as you don’t want to cause any further damage. If you can smell gas, you should turn off the main gas supply immediately and call out one of our gas safe engineers.

No hot water? Got cold water coming from the hot tap/the water is intermittent.

This could either be due to a faulty boiler or it could be a water pressure issue – check to make sure that the boiler is switched on.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Things to check when radiators are not very hot

Radiators not being very hot can meen a number of things.

Firstly check that the boiler is set for the central heating radiators to come on via the room thermostat or via the programmer on the boiler.

Thermostats, are they turned up? Is the top of the radiator cold, whilst the rest of the radiator warm or hot? You may have some trapped air in the central heating system.

To solve the cold radiator that is cold at the top and warm or hot over the rest of the surface would require a radiator key.

Look at the top sides of the radiator, there shoud be a bleed valve where a radiator key can be placed to bleed air out of the radiator. Once found, insert the radiator key into the bleed valve and turn just a small amount to release the trapped air from the radiator.

Use an old rag or towel to cover the floor below the bleed vent as water may drip down once all the air has been removed, also another towel or gag can be used over the bleed vent so as to stop the spraying of water from the vent.

You will know when all the air has been removed, as the top of the radiator will feel hot or will start to feel warm, if the central heating boiler is turned on? Also water may start to be seen spraying out from the bleed vent.

Tighten the bleed screw and dont over tighten, wipe away excess drips from the bleed area and the radiator.



We have extensive knowledge of the following brands:


Baxi Combi Boilers

As fully trained Baxi Engineers, Absolute Plumbing & Heating can service and repair all Baxi boilers.

Baxi gas boiler repairs exeter


Vaillant Gas Combi Boilers

We are able to install, repair and service Vaillant gas combi boilers.

vaillant boilers


Glow-worm Combi Boilers

Glow-worm combi gas boilers are professionally repaired and maintained by our Exeter heating engineers.

glow worm boilers


Worcester Bosch Boilers

We specialise in the maintenance and repair of Worcester Bosh combi boilers.

worcester bosch boilers


Intergas Boilers

With a good understanding of the Intergas boiler range, we are able offer a reliable installation, maintenance and repair service. View our boiler installation video to see how quiet the intergas ECO RF is.

intergas boiler repair


For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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