Terms & Conditions


For central heating installations & new boiler & oil storage tanks. 80% of the quoted payment will be paid upfront to cover costs of the parts required to carry out the works. The final 20% will be paid on completion of the works.

Payments types excepted: BACS bank transfer. CASH. We no longer accept cheques.

Use of our services and non payments these will be passed on to a subscribed collections company that will incur extra charges/fees at their discretion. Our subscription to such debt collection companies will be on our behalf of Absolute Plumbing & Heating who are based in Stoke canon Exeter end that.

Payment are due immediately after: Works/installation/or service/services has been provided. We don’t give any days/weeks terms of payment. Same as you cant expect to walk out of a supermarket without paying for goods.


If you have any problems with payment please contact us immediately.


Quotations are valid for a maximum period of 28 days. If a new quotation is required after the 28 days, please make another enquiry.


After we have made a repair, the repair will be guaranteed if the payment methods have been met & the repair was carried out within the 12 month timeframe. Any other engineers/plumbers work on the appliance within the 12 month timeframe will void the warranty of the part/s fitted. Tampering/modifying with parts fitted by another engineer or the customer. Charges for collecting the replacement parts at local suppliers or other will be chargeable. Parts supplied via the customer wont have any 12 month warranty period. Any defects parts found where the parts purchased by the customer will be the customers responsibility, not ours. Usable parts that are found in toilets will not be covered for 12 months, repairs to toilets will be for a period of one month only. The same goes warranty period will be for tap repairs too.


Consumable parts used on boilers. These parts wont be covered as they are generally changed annually & do wear out with used. Leaks that arise wont be covered except for the part/s that we have replaced.

Boilers showing stress from staining,water leaks,flues, gas or oil supply systems. incompatible parts or not installed correctly will be documented on the relevant Gas Safe/Oftec documentation.
Boilers that have been serviced will no be covered any longer than 14 days after servicing the appliance, as the boiler wears and uses parts, the same as a car wears out and requires parts for safe operation.
If you boiler is used everyday then parts wear out and the boiler may require two services a year instead of the one annual service.

We no longer service Trianco oil boilers or unbranded boilers, due to problems of getting hold of relevant parts for these older boilers. Parts become unavailable, so we can’t service old boilers.


* Where a new central heating boiler,shower, waste pipework, mains water,* water pipe used to convey water of any type has been introduced perviously to the introduction
* Connecting onto existing pipework will not be covered, as the existing pipework may be hidden from view/sight.


Giving 14 days notice to your right to cancel. This can be in the form of letter, email. Note: You will be required to pay for our services or goods that we have provided to you previous before the cancellation end period.(14 days).


We will require easy access to carry out any work in or around your property. Moving furniture, lifting carpets or placing ourselves in unsafe situations isn’t what we do. Please ensure our skilled plumbers/heating engineers are provided with safe access routes & safe electrics too.


We don’t provide free design for people to diy there own works. Neither do we carry out free advice for diy oil tank or boiler installations. We provide knowledgeable solutions in that WE carry out the work in a safe and professional manner. Gas, oil, plumbing work carries responsibilities & things need to be designed correctly. Consultations are chargeable depending on how far we have to travel & type of difficulty in resolving/designing solutions. We are professionals that have met the training standards required of us & obtained the relevant qualifications. Qualifications & public liability insurance compliant.


A model release will be required. This form will REQUIRED & will need to be authorised by Absolute Plumbing & Heating with our permissions for images taken of personal working at your property. Images taken of us without our consent will be treated under the data protection act and prosecution may arise from such recording.

We DON’T allow photography for (how to do or show fixes) for DIY instructional pics or videos at all.

Work ethics

Allow us to get on with the job in hand and we don’t allow for work revisions after you have been satisfied with the work completed. If you are content with the work that has been completed. Fees will be added on to the final bill for work that was first satisfied with, then a change of mind after we have completed works. Any parts paid for by Absolute Plumbing will paid by the client at the end of contract. A contract is binding between Absolute Plumbing & Heating whether verbal, written or verbal.