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Our Exeter Engineers Power flushing Questions & Answers

Why Do New Boilers Require A Power Flush?

Boiler manufactures state that when a new heating boiler in to be installed, the existing radiators along with the copper pipework must be power flushed through with chemicals.

Manufactures warranties won’t be valid if the pipes & radiators aren’t fully cleaned. Sludge & dirt from the previous boiler is normally left in the bottoms of radiators & the old boiler.

How Long Will A Power Flush Take?

Depending on the size of the house & also the condition of the radiators & Thermostatic valves.

This can take up to 8hrs to fully clean the whole pipework & radiators completely.

What If My Radiators Are Rusty?

Surfaces on the radiators should be clean & leak free, water stains from thermostats indicate that the thermostatic fitting may need replacing.

Can You Install New Radiators If Required. Yes we can find a replacement size should this be required.

 What Is The Power flush?

Benefits Of  A Power Flush

The power flush is a all in one treatment centre for cleaning the radiators & the central heating pipework, thermostats & hot water cylinder coil. The power flushing machine uses a strong pump that enables forceful water to be pumped around each radiator separately.

Agitated water is controlled via the machine, this agitation stirs up the sludge & debris, a rubber mallet can also be used on the radiator to further unsettle the sludge. Waste water combined with sludge is then pumped away from the radiator and dumped into the machines ready for disposal.

Excellent Result From Power Flushing

Often we are asked will this save us money?

  • With less water resistance in pipes for the central heating pump to push against this will save the electric pump from working harder.
  • Radiators throughout the house will feel warmer or hotter than they were previously, due to the central heating water being now clean.
  • Money will be saved on the annual fuel bill, with a rough annual saving of up to 20% on your home heating bills.
  • New condensing boilers now have energy efficient circulating pumps built-in to the boiler, thus helping to cut your carbon foot print with less money being used for electricity.
  • Boiler noises will be dramatically reduced after the power flush.
  • Radiator heat up times are a lot quicker & the whole heating system will run more efficiently.


Double radiators provide double the heat output, if your radiators are under performing then so in the central heating system as a whole.





An Unwell Central Heating System

Power flushing Maintenance, what will it uncover?

The power flush may uncover & cure certain problems within the heating system, like…

  • Water leaking from the radiator bleed valves, these can be replaced with new ones.
  • Finding dirty black water leaking from bleed valves that are located on the  sides of radiators.
  • Centres or the bottom part of radiators may be stone cold while the tops are warm.
  • Corrosion from internal corrosion, this forms from the inside of the radiator where the water & air mixtures are within the radiator have caused pits & holes, leaks will be evident.
  • Boiler maintenance is important too when the flushing is in use central heating circulating pumps can become blocked due to sludge build-up. The pump will be cleaned & maintained with chemical cleaners that are placed into the power flushing machine.
  • Sludge clogging up the boiler will cause all sorts of noises also this will result in bad circulation or overheat situations.
  • Noise from pipework may become apparent due to pipes becoming unblocked.


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