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New gas boiler & Central Heating Systems

Your homes heating requirements can differ from your neighbours heating.

Absolute Plumbing & Heating offer an assortment of Gas & Oil systems that can match your requirements whatever your funds allow. Our heating designers talk your through every stage of installation whether this be oil fired central heating for you country living, or gas central heating where mains gas is present.

Book Our Qualified & Experienced Devon Gas Installers Today!  If require oil heating, as an alternatively energy source talk to our Devon oil heating installers.


We will beat the leading advertisers by £500 & also offer lucky customers  a 5 year or 10 year warranty, chat to us right now. We quickly install boilers for trouble free running.

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Boiling Installation & Fitting Exeter

Combi Boiler Installation

Definition of the combination boiler: Central Heating & Hot Water this does both.

This type of boiler can be very good choice if you have just the one bathroom & a kitchen sink with hot water supply.

Two or more bathroom running off hot water both at the same time will certainly slow the boilers performance, with water flow rates drastically affecting performance. Our expert Devon boiler installers are available via appointment to survey your property & your hot water & heating requirements. Book the professionals for a home appointment today.

Central heating use from the (combi) Combination boiler.

The boiler works just the same as a convention heating only boiler except it produces central heating through either  a time clock or remote programmer.

Natural Gas Boilers

Cities where natural gas is mains fed into domestic homes gas  boiler installation becomes easier. Connecting into the gas meter provides safe & effective quick installation.  Our Exeter Gas Safe fitters take the best energy condensing gas boilers & provide bespoke fitting to your home.

Safe in our hands we carry out checks on your gas supply pipes to make sure they are not leaking any gas. Gas meters are also checked along with gas appliances such as, gas cookers, gas fires, & gas water heaters.

Thinks of a new boiler! With one – two day fitting of a new gas boiler Absolute Plumbing & Heating expertly & safely work within your home.

Get a new boiler fitted & installed today. Book the Exeter gas engineers visit or leave us your name and details & contact number. Learn more about New Erp Boilers.  Theses are available through absolute Plumbing & Heating.


Gas Boiler Central Heating can be in the form of mains gas or (LPG)  Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Orange cylinders can be installed outside the home to feed gas central heating boiler or the gas fired cooker.

Bulk holding Calor cylinders hold larger quantities of gas. (Light Green Gas LPG Cylinders) Can be integrated easily into ones garden thus doing away with the smaller LPG orange coloured cylinders.

Hot Water Cylinder Fitting

Hot water usage can vary from what size hot water cylinder you have in you immersion cupboard.

Water leaks from the bottom of a hot water cylinder usually indicate that the cylinder has corroded from the inside due to electrolysis.

Unfortunately the hot water cylinder will have to be replaced An urgent replacement hot water cylinder should be considered and installed as soon as possible, due to water damaging the ceiling .

Damaged plumbing fittings  can sometimes be the cause of water leakage. Exeter Absolute Plumbing & Heating can quickly act and stop more water causing damage to your home. We are available for emergency plumbing repairs throughout Devon & Exeter. Phone 01392 841782 to speak about your plumbing problems today. Alternatively use our bookings page for non plumbing emergencies.

Exeter Boiler services


Why can we do a cheap gas boiler service in Exeter

You don’t pay VAT on your final bill. Current prices are £60.00 for a combi gas boiler service, although this price can fluctuate or even be lower depending on the demand of our services.  The boiler will be serviced in accordance with the manufactures instructions & also by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Supply

Our engineers install gas pipework from the gas meter. Gas supply pipework will need to be upgraded if a bigger output combi boiler is planned for. Gas pipework will need to carry certain loads for ll gas appliances within the property.

If the gas supply isn’t providing enough gas to the gas appliance, then this will cause the gas boiler, water heater, fire, hob, cooker to under perform.

Accurate measurements & calculations are taken to ensure that after final testing the gas suppling pipework is producing the correct amount of natural gas for the gas appliances.

Gas Maintenance

Does you gas boiler require gas maintenance, service or repair?

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David The Devon combi boiler Installer

David The Devon combi boiler Installer

Qualified combi boiler expert.


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Count on Absolute & Heating for reactive repairs & installation.

  • We are fully trained & experienced at all domestic plumbing. Any issues that arise with your taps you can be assured that we offer no hassle & prompt repairs
  • Care & respect you & your home
  • Knowledgeable about systems
  • Fully conversant about fixing water leaks
  • We turn up when you need us most for that emergency
  • Many years of experience in the trade
  • Dust sheets used
  • Clean & tidy workmanship
  • One year warranty on part & labour

New gas boiler installation cost

New Boiler Installation, Maintenance, & Repairs across Exeter and Devon County

Absolute Offers Expert boiler installation and repair serving all of Exeter & Devon County. We specialise in both installation and repair of
  • Gas combi boilers
  • Oil heating
  • Oil tanks
  • Gas central heating
  • Natural gas boilers
We offer a full guarantee on all parts & labour and pride ourselves on doing excellent work for our customers

Bespoke central heating systems can be expertly calculated for heat loss within the fabric of the building. New boilerAbsolute Plumbing & Heating plan our central heating pipework from the boilers position through the fabric of the building. We install pipework that enters into the rooms that require heating.

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Absolute Plumbing & Heating understand how costly a boiler investment can be. We also understand the safety aspect of gas boilers and how some gas boilers can be neglected through lack of proper servicing or maintenance of the gas boiler.

We can offer an array of gas boiler options. From heat only boilers that provide central heating, these heat only boilers can provide the heat ing for the hot water cylinder too.

Cobi or combination boiler provide both central heating & hot water without the need to have a hot water cylinder.

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