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Boiler Service & Repairs Exeter

If you need a boiler replacement?

Talk to our combi gas heating experts today. We can provide you with many money saving boiler options.

Get a ten year warranty with a Worcester Bosh gas combi boiler or choose from an Ideal combi boiler with the ten year warranty as standard.

Our Exeter gas safe heating experts install fully programmable boilers for easy use.

We upgrade older non condensing boilers to condensing gas boilers.

We fit boilers in around your busy lifestyle, we achieve boiler installation within a day.

Mess is non existent as we are very clean & tidy. New boilers can be a considerable investment and we provide all the necessary steps to fully install your boiler properly & to give you the warranty you need to carry on with trouble free boiler operation. Absolute Plumbing & Heating specialise in gas boiler & gas combi boilers replacements.

Many years experience of fitting all gas types of appliances from top quality boiler manufactures.

We offer professional advice & help with boilers so don’t panic!

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David Absolute Plumbing & Heating

David Absolute Plumbing & Heating

Exeter gas engineer

We offer quality heating work. Our philosophy is; Do the job in hand right the first time & this will lead to happy contented clients. Rushed & poor quality work leads to complaints.

Book us for your boiler services. Our boiler fitters can satisfy your heating & hot water requirements.  We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service.

If you have any further question, it couldn’t be any easier either call Absolute Plumbing & Heating on the above number or use our contact page. 


Call Today 01392841782

Mobile: 07766501664

Quick boiler repairs & boiler replacements across Exeter Devon.

Exeter Combi gas boiler engineers

Call Today 01392841782

Mobile: 07766501664

  • Diagnosis of common  combi boiler faults
  • Servicing
  • Boiler warranties available up to 10years.
  • Full gas boiler installations available throughout the home.
  • Energy efficient boilers & central heating packs installed.
  • Expertise from gas safe engineers.
  • Radiator power-flushing.
  • Landlord gas safety checks.

Exeter Gas Safe Registered

Absolute Plumbing & Heating are fully registered on the Gas Safe website. We are fully trained to work on:

  • Gas cookers
  • Gas fires
  • Combi gas boilers
  • Gas water heaters.

We can also offer repairs to the central heating system & systems programmers.


Broken Boiler

Gas boiler not working

Our specialist gas engineers in exeter trouble shoot & get combi boilers repaired fast.

Our Exeter gas safe engineers are often told that there is a puddle of water under the gas boiler. The conversation then tends to advise our gas safe heating engineers that the gauge has gone into the red or that the boiler is showing or displaying a boiler fault code.
We get customers saying that the boiler is making a noise or a banging noise and should we turn the boiler off? Turning the boiler off is the best plan of action as you don’t wont to damage the boiler.If gas smells are present, we advise you to turn off the main gas supply and call us so we gas send out a gas safe engineer.

Gas safety

Gas boilers will need to be checked annually for the safety of the person. These checks include the safety of the gas pipes,the gas meter the safety of the boilers flue, along with a flue gas test, the boilers location & the pipes that are attached to the boiler.Plus many other safety test.

No Hot Water?

What do you have? Boiler or hot water cylinder?

Cold water from the hot tap or the water is intermittent? This could meen that the boilers faulty, or this could be a water pressure issue. Hot water tank or immersion heater fault not heating the hot water tank or cylinder. Check to make sure that the boiler is switched on. Is the power switch turned on for the hot water cylinder.

Our Gas Services

Gas Works We Carry Out

Gas cooker servicing & installation

Gas combination (Combi Boilers) installation & servicing

Gas fires installation & servicing

Gas range cookers installation & servicing

Gas pipework installation

Gas water heaters installation & servicing

Gas Meter Removal

Landlord gas safety test

Book an appointment with our skilled gas engineer.



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