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What We Offer In Terms Of Oil Heating Tank Maintenance

  •   Emergency tank replacements & repairs
  •   Oil tank splits, emergency removal of kerosene from oil tank
  •   Maintenance for your oil storage tank, gauge repairs, filters, oil lines etc.
  •   New installation for a kerosene oil tank
  •   We install new concrete base for an oil tank.
  •   Oil tank safety checks for your domestic oil tank
  •   Emergency oil tank leaks
  •   Electronic gauge monitoring equipment
  •   Stand by oil tanks while your new oil tank is being installed by our oil tank specialists
  •   New oil line for oil tanks
  •   Oil line safety valves
  •   We replace coloured or discoloured sight gauges
  •   Oil tank filters
  •   Fire valves safety devices

Monday-Friday open 24 hours. Sunday : 07:00am – 18:00pm

Emergency calls are taken by phoning Mobile: 07766501664

Call Today Office: 01392841782

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Definition of an oil tank pump out:

An oil tank pump out is where we come out to your property to to aid in the pumping out of a leaking oil tank (Domestic only).

We will provide metal drums for the containment of kerosene oil only.

We shall not remove waste/contaminated oil from site that may be present within your leaking or non leaking oil tank.

If contaminated kerosene oil is found to be in the oil tank, we reserve the right not to pump this out.

Any damage to the metal oil drums whilst on the property to whom we have placed the oil drums will be the responsibility of the owner of the property. Accidental damage of the oil drums & the contents spilling into the local area we won’t be liable for.

Oil drums will be on short term loan for a period of a week. Once the drums have arrived at the customers property the 7 day timeframe will commence.

If the drums are kept at the property for a longer period, a charge of £10.00 per oil drum will be charged at a 7 day basis.As drums are regularly required for other works for helping other customers.

Removal of waste rubble from site will be charged at £5 per rubble sack (Chargeable as trade waste)

We don’t deal with the removal of oil contaminated soil from leaking domestic or commercial oil tanks.

We don’t share work loads with other companies, we install bases for oil tanks to fit properly on to & fit the oil tanks to bases we construct. We won’t install oil tanks to diy bases.

Fire rating will be required so as to protect the oil tank from house fires. Fire rating will only be required where it is found that the oil tank is to close to combustable materials such as wood fences or neighbouring properties within a certain distance of the oil tank.

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Devon Oil Tank Installers Absolute Plumbing & Heating Provide The Solutions For Domestic Oil Tanks.

Our professional oil technicians are fully qualified to deal with replacement oil tanks for the domestic home. Our site survey report will highlight what what is required to re-install a replacement oil tank.

Oil Tank Repairs

  • Repairs can be in the form of fitting new sight gauges
  • Oil tank oil lines can be repaired or replaced

Oil line pressure testing

Concerns about the integrity of oil lines & whether the oil line buried underground is structurally sound! There are tests that are Devon based oil tank installers can undertake, these are pressure tests to test the pressure inside of the existing oil supply line. If a joint is buried underground and you are unaware of this, it would be wise to test the oil line to make sure oil isn’t leaking into the soil surrounding the oil line.

Oil Tank Supports

Supported tanks need concrete for a really stable base for which the oil tank should stand on. Wooden railway sleeps although could be thought to be very strong are not the proper thing to use.

The five reasons why you need an oil tank base to be constructed right.

  1. Wood is flammable & will catch fire if the fire originates from the house
  2. Wood is an unstable product, weather conditions dry the wood out, rain moistens the wood, cold weather fractures the grain.
  3. Wood will sag & so will the oil tank, causing stress crack to appear along the oil tanks structure, leading to a shorten life.
  4. Metal supports where gaps are open that let the tank overhang or the tank sags through the metal gaps, this can cause problems.
  5. Bases that are not level could stress the tanks structure, thus leading to distortion.

Bunded double skinned oil tanks

Two oil tanks in one is better than just the one skin.

New double skinned oil tanks now provide added security by having an operable lid for filling. Lockable lids keep the kerosene safe from oil tank theft.

Bunded plastic tanks can last up to 20yrs from date of installation.


Oil Tank Decommissioning

You have decided to move away from oil heating & want to use gas.

We have the facilities to fully decommission your old kerosene oil storage tank.

  1. We can safely remove your oil tank from site.
  2. Drain any oil line that are now surplus to requirements.
  3. Remove oil filters & safety valves from walls
  4. Remove old boilers from your home.
  5. Remove oil tank concrete bases from where the oil tank used to be placed upon.