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Drainage Problems

 Sink Or Toilet Blocked?

Causes of blockages

Blocked drains can be caused by:

  • fats & oils being poured down the kitchen sink.
  • another problem is toilet wipes, more absorbent & harder to break down. These are more like cloths.When flushed they tend to stick on parts of the sewerage pipework.
  • Careful removal of waste from the sink can stop drains from blocking up.
  • Toilet wipes can also be cause major problem regarding blocked drains & toilet.
  • Children’s toys can also cause blockages within sewerage pipework.
  • Babies nappies are also another problem for the sewerage pipes to deal with.

Prevention is better than cure for stopping wastes pipes from kitchen sinks & toilets from blocking up or backing up in some cases.

Exeter Expert Drain Service

We offer solutions to free up your drainage

Blockages common areas where water wont drain, due to drains being blocked or backing up.

  • Toilets blocked & backing up with sewerage
  • Kitchen sinks where water wont drain away
  • Showers not draining after use
  • Wash basin blocked with dirt & grime
  • Manhole covers that are blocked & smell
  • Washing machine overflowing due to drain pipe being blocked

Sinks blocked where water wont runaway can cause all sorts of problems for plumbers. Wastes and drains are unblocked by our Exeter drainage experts.