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Absolute plumbing & Heating Services is your complete solution for your bathroom fitting & refurbishment project. We service most of Devon County , and all of Exeter.

Absolute plumbing & Heating offers a wide variety of services for your bathroom fitting.


  • Tap Fitting
  • bathroom refurbishment
  • Shower Replacement
  • Wet Room
  • Plumbing
  • Bathroom Design
  • Bathroom installation
  • Shower Fitting
  • Toilet Fitting
  • Bath Installation

Is Your Bathroom Looking Tired?

Do You  Have Old Sanitary Wear That Is Desperately Needs Upgrading?

We provide the Bathroom solutions.

Phone our Exeter Bathroom fitters & let us install a quality bathroom for your budget. Our bathroom fitters understand bathrooms inside out.  Designed by you, installed by our professional Bathroom fitting experts.

We offer the right advice for your bathroom so don't panic!

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Absolute Plumbing & Heating.

Bathroom Design Request

Bathroom prices range from £1500

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Expert bathroom fitters

Profit from a new overhaul on your bathroom with absolute plumbing. The Expert bathroom fitters that are based locally in Exeter and service parts of Devon County also.

What we can offer in terms of bathroom fitting:

Whatever your taste or what planned budget you have, we can construct or overhaul your bathroom or shower room to your requirements.

  1. Expert advice
  2. Calculate radiator sizes for your bathroom or room conversion
  3. Fully decorate the ceiling or replace if required
  4. Provide design guidance about choice of tiling
  5. Provide an electrician to install ceiling lights, pull switch cords

Bathroom makeover choices:

A full bathroom fit out.

Our bathroom fitters are experts in removing & replacing bathroom fittings, whether old or new. Perhaps you have recently moved into a new property in Exeter & want to put your own take on the bathroom.  Some customers know exactly where they want to place bathroom furniture & fittings, we can give you  advice on whether the area of choice is feasible or not for bathroom planning, maybe the room you have in mind is a bedroom that could be suitably converted into an en-suite.

En-suite bathroom

The luxury of having a en-suite bathroom, no waiting for the main bathroom to become vacant, the kids showering for half an hour.

Small bathroom projects:

These are often undertaken where the customer has purchased there plumbing goods from a bathroom store or we can source these from a local Exeter plumbers store.  We are happy to fit components the customer has supplied for us.

Disabled bathroom & wet-rooms:

Bathroom adapting often with the use of wall support handles for the shower, along with the toilet & wash basin.

Bigger flush handles allow for easier use, lever taps may be incorporated onto the washbasin for ease of use

Bathroom adaptations for the elderly:

Elderly persons needs change as we get older, the body doesn't work or function as it once used to. Lever taps are the perfect choice for elderly as the operation of switching on or off can be done by the use of swinging the tap lever over a 45 degree arc, no tuning of a cross head tap as convention taps have.

Realist Time frame for our Exeter bathroom fitters to complete the bathroom:

Request our plumber to visit you to measure up & check the bathrooms water supplies.

Call Absolute Plumbing & Heating: 01392 841782

Unforeseen plumbing problems:

Sometimes drain pipes can cause problems for such items as for toilet locations. Metal soil waste pipes outside the home may have to be converted into plastic to enable new plumbing fittings to be joined in.

Copper pipework may need to be re-routed to feed a newly installed appliance, generally there is normally a compromise were we can work out a plumbing solution for you though.

More full refurbished bathrooms require our specialist fitters to fully undertake a bathroom survey to see where joists run and what floor & wall materials are constructed of.




Call Today 01392841782

Mobile: 07766501664

Time for a change?

  1. Is the bath looking worn & tired?
  2. Does the toilet look like it’s from the 70’s or possibly earlier?
  3. Do you have a crack in the sink?
  4. Do you get into a bath that has handles on the sides? Is this embarrassing when you have friends asking to use the bathroom?
  5. Are the tiles from an era you don’t wont to look at any longer

We have the solutions for your bathroom

  1. Floor to ceiling tiling
  2. Bath panels tiled to suite your style
  3. Baths to fit every type of character room.
  4. Showers that fit over your bath, with nice clean glass screens.
  5. Chrome towel rails to warm you after your shower.
  6. Walk in showers
  7. Wall hung toilets
  8. Pressurised hot water cylinders for torrential hot water flow

We make it possible & you can make the bathroom upgrade today.